A unique combination of supple German leather, a perfectly balanced seat and gusseted wool-flocked panels
gives you every competitive advantage.
provides a centered balance point for a correct position and enhances effective communication and comfort never
before achieved. Connect to your horse in a whole new way .  Each course, each jump-off or performance test holds
a challenge for horse and rider. For all these individual needs there is an ARISTOKRAT waiting for you.

The multi-purpose ARISTOKRAT combines elegant comfort and spirited style. One of our most versatile saddles,
suitable for flat work, trail riding, cross country, eventing and working with young horses.


Wide Tree - 32 CM - Wide Tree - 17" Seat -  

Special Color - Two Tone - Berberbrown/Havana Brown

Saddle, Leathers and Stirrups - Only $ 999.00  Plus Freight -  This is a $2,129.00 Value
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