Below is a small sample of what our Customers had to say about their
purchases, all comments are used by permission.
Jennifer   ( Jennifer purchased the Abetta Elite with Turquoise Ostrich Trim # 20560 )

how great it looks. It looked good in the picture, but my husband and I cannot express how
great it looks and feels. I am super pleased......
Betty   ( Betty purchased the Abetta Elite with Lavender Ostrich Trim # 20560 )

Thanks for the prompt shipment, when I opened the box and took the Saddle out,  I was
amazed at the Quality of this Leather Saddle for 160 bucks.
Sam     ( Sam purchased the Heavy Leather Rust/Brown Quarter Horse Saddle )

Thank you for the New Abetta Cordura Saddle, I was very please with the Price, I actually
paid less from you than when I bought the same saddle 10 Years ago....
My 1st Abetta Saddle is still in great shape, but I needed another one for my new Horse. Let
everyone know Abetta makes the Best Saddle!
Betty     ( Betty purchased the Abetta Cordura # 20501 )

Wow, am I ever pleased with my Abetta Cordura Saddle... I am glad I took your advice for
this Saddle, it fits great and doesn't seem to need breaking in.... I think my Horse loves it
too, at least he seems happier.
Franklin    ( Franklin purchased an Abetta Cordura 20501 )

Thanks for all your help, the Saddle, Pad, Bridle, Girth, Helmet and Grooming supplies you
suggested all worked out perfect, prompt Delivery also..... I shopped around a lot and I
guess you must have saved us over 200.00 on all the items we needed for our New
Member of the Family.
Brian     ( Brian purchased the Abetta Cordura 20501 )
Received my Saddle today, thanks for the quick shipment and great price. I have ordered a
second Saddle just like this one for my neighbor...... it fits her horse just fine and it is a
perfect saddle for our daughters to use till they decide the exact direction in English
Riding they will go........ you will be hearing from me in the near future for one of the
Amadeus Saddles, I like their specs and prices...... Thanks again.
Sherry    ( Sherry has purchased two of the 25541 Abetta General Purpose English Saddles )

Just a quick note, I appreciate the Service and the Super Price on the Billy Cook Roper, you
were about $ 400.00 less than any of our local Saddle Suppliers.......... The Breast Plate was
less than half price also, all my friends will hear about your awesome web-site.
Jeff       ( Jeff purchased the 73640 Billy Cook Roper )

Wow, Thanks, I never thought I could find a Barrel Racing Saddle of this good quality for
under $750.00 Thanks again for your recommendation on the Simco Racer....... I am sure
glad I was referred by ................. I told .............. that he was sure lucky to have met you.
Take care partner.
Travis      ( Travis purchased the Simco Barrel Form-Fitter Racer # 72236 )

Thanks for the help........ I appreciate the Price....... it saved me quite a few dollars over your
competitor and I like talking to someone who owns horses and Cares about people and
Horses. The Suggested pads worked great and your delivery estimate was even quicker
than quoted. I am glad you sent me some Brochures to put up in the Stables and give to my
friends, I am sure they will contact you , because I told them about he great prices and
expert Service. I am Super Pleased ....... I have now found a one stop shop..... take care.
Debbie     ( Debbie purchased the Abetta Trail Saddle # 20550 )

Thank you for finding my 1st Saddle, it is very pretty and feels very nice, I like the color and
the Bridle you selected. When I outgrow this one I will be back, I will tell all my friends at
school about your shop.
Christy     ( Christy purchased the Regency Close Contact English Saddle )

Just received my American Saddlery High Point in the Glo-tan Antique and wow, it does
look much better in person. It looks great and the detail in the tooling is awesome.
Thanks for the help.
Carol        ( Carol purchased the 1534 High Point Saddle )

Hi, Got my Saddle today, it sure is nice, very comfortable too, the best part is it looks and
feels like a ------ Saddle, but was $ 700.00 less. Very nice quality. Appreciate your help.
Agnes       ( Agnes purchased the King Series Old Time Trail Rider # KS7920 )

Hi, Received the Custom Trail Saddle a few days ago, looks a lot nicer than your picture,
you need to change that. I am really impressed with the quality and fine leather, it is a super
nice saddle, I cannot believe you sell it for so little. I will send you some customers.
Carol      (Carol purchased the Southern Trails P-101 Pleasure/Trail Saddle)

The T-150 Saddle with semi-qh bars and round skirts is a good fit for my mustang. Since he
is short backed and mutton withered he was a hard fit. I searched all the local saddle shops
and could not find anything to fit him that was reasonably priced. Your saddle was well
worth what I paid for it, I am now riding a horse that doesn't come back from the trails with a
sore back.
Vicky       (Vicky purchased the Southern Trails # T-150)